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Who is Televes?

Televes is a leading global company focused in the design, development and manufacture of equipment for distributing telecommunication services throughout the infrastructures of buildings and homes.

The company is headquartered in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), where it keeps its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Televes believes in delivering superior quality products through an exquisite manufacturing process.

Nowadays Televes is much more than a leading brand. It is the head of a Corporation comprised of strategic technological firms with commercial presence in more than 90 countries. Televes is formed by more than 20 industrial and services subsidiaries, over 800 employees and holds more than 200 Industrial Property registers (European Patents, National Patents and Utility Models).

From antennas to professional analyzers and portable meters. From vanguard head-ends, robust amplifiers to complete distribution and switching components. From solutions for unifying multimedia services in the home to cables, connectors and outlets.

Televes is synonimous of a "One-Stop-Shop" solution to deliver the television signal to the digital home environment, with the best technical support for the professional installer in charge of certifying the highest levels of quality signals.

The power of synergies working for a common sector. Televes is placed amongst the largest three companies of the sector in Europe. A guarantee of quality and compromise.





Throughout its long history, Telev├ęs has built a solid business reputation based on the values that define the company's identity: quality through vanguard manufacturing, investment in technological development and the continuous quest for improving productivity.

The journey started in 1958, when television transmissions had just started in Spain. Initially, the company was conceived in a small workshop, assembling aerials manually with only ten people and US$ 3,500 in turnover.

Televes has been devoted to analogue and digital terrestrial television, satellite and cable television, mobile and high definition television, test measuring equipment, and telecommunication and audiovisual home services.

The company plays a starring role in the decision making processes that shape the television signal distribution sector. As an example, Televes has been a numbered member of the Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) project since 1995, closely collaborating with the goal of shaping the standards of the new digital television we enjoy today.

Televes. Passion for Quality for more than 50 years.


Televes brand



The Televes brand projects the core values of the company it represents. After more than half a century, the Televes brand has become a synonymous for Passion for Quality.

The Televes brand is a registered trademark worldwide since 1958. It has become one of the Leading Brands of Spain because of its impeccable track record and international trajectory.

Since 1972 our characteristic orange colour has been our corporate flagship. This unique Pantone 137 is undoubtedly associated with Televes in our sector today.


Televes brand


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