Intelligent Antennas for Digital and HDTV

For over 50 years now Televes has been known for manufacturing the best off-air antennas in the world and our signature orange color has become synonymous with state-of-the-art aerials.

Nowadays, Digital Terrestrial Television has taken a hold of our lives, the new digital environment allows more viewing channels and services than ever before. High Definition Television is further enhancing the service offering of the Digital Terrestrial Television and is rapidly becoming the standard for off-air transmissions.

All players in the TV sector are investing greatly to ensure viewers experience a new and better way of watching television. From recording studios coding all their content in MPEG4 formats for HDTV, to the costly migration of transmission systems and networks for broadcast operators, to the end user at home, purchasing large and expensive TFT/LCD screens... all are wasted efforts without the best terrestrial antennas.

Automatic Signal Balance

BOSS-Tech is an advanced electronic device developed by Televes that makes our antennas intelligent. Turn on the BOSS Tech by powering the antenna with a voltage between 12 and 24 Vdc. The antenna becomes active and will automatically adjust its output signal to the optimum level.


No matter how weak the original signal is received because you may be in a low coverage or shadow area. No matter how strong either, because you might be too close to a transmitter. The perfect balanced output signal. Always.

That simple. That smart. The BOSS-Tech System makes Televes antennas the first intelligent antennas in the world:

Bullet Adapts to the received signal level: No need to worry about input level after installation. The antenna guarantees the best output level.
Bullet Corrects signal fluctuations: Auto adjusting the output level to the optimum regardless the the input variations. The signal reception will remain protected against fluctuations, transparent to the user.
Bullet Maintains the output level: Independently from the radioelectric spectrum in the moment of the installation.
Bullet Adapts the output to any amplifying device: No need to adjust the mast amplifier most of the times.
Bullet Don't worry about the number of channels: No intermodulation or noise and best possible BER and C/N, always. The antenna adjusts itself to give service to future channels.


Additional Exclusive Features

Made of aluminum and ABS plastic, Televes line of antennas are constructed to withstand the hardest climatic conditions such as UV radiation, drastic changes of temperature, heavy vibrations and rust. Some other unique features of our aerials include:

Directors Asymmetric directors provide the perfect radiation diagram to reduce ECHOES
Shielding Fully shielded BOSS-Tech enclosure to protect against impulsive noise
Multilayer PCB State-of-the-art Multilayer technology providing highest stability and reliability
Dipole New patented dipole that greatly improves the reception margins throughout the complete terrestrial band
Grounding All the electronic elements are grounded, giving unprecedented protection against electrostatic discharges


Asymmetric Directors
Multilayer Technology
New Patented Dipole